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The ADTIA is established for the digital reception and telecommunication industry as a member based industry association to promote best practice by way of training and quality assurance. With an emphasis on knowledge, opportunity and growth for the industry and its workers.

ADTIA focuses on:


  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Education
  • Skill development
  • Professional development
  • Nationally recognised qualifications


The ADTIA has worked closely with Government to implement training strategies within the digital and telecommunications sector. Importantly, the training relates not only to technical and technological matters but also to workplace health and safety practices, customer service and skills training for small business.

ADTIA works closely with Industry and its members to maximise exposure to work opportunities in an open collaborative environment. Enterprise members will be able to work with ADTIA to ensure access to a well trained workforce that they can quickly mobilise.

ADTIA will work with both Government and Industry to support up skilling of workers associated with the NBN and Retail Service Providers.



  • Individual
  • Training Providers
  • Organisations

How will technicians benefit

The major benefit to individuals are the new training programs and qualifications that are Government and ADTIA/Industry endorsed. Technicians can receive an accredited certification that covers NBN work, cable, satellite and terrestrial reception systems, resulting in national accreditation and licensed technicians with skills that are current and 'future proofed'. 

ADTIA can monitor 'infield' performance of individuals by conducting a series of inspections.  Ongoing professional development (PD) will ensure technicians are always up to date and performing at the level set by the industry as well as providing multiple pathways for individuals to diversify their business and stay ahead of the game. More ...



What are the benefits for my training organistation?

The Digital and Telecommunications Industry has over the years been concerned with the quality and level of training that technicians receive when entering the industry. ADTIA is working with industry and Government to support delivery of benchmark standards contained within AQF qualifications and skill sets and industry endorsed programs.

As part of this work ADTIA is ensuring Registered Training Organisations are well informed of industry benchmarks for Digital and Telecommunications training and is developing resources to support RTO training

ADTIA through its work with industry stakeholders will keep RTO's informed of changing practices and requirements for field work so that training can be contemporary. More ...


What is the effect on organisations in the industry.

A number of organisations over the years have invested heavily in training programs within the Digital and Telecommunications industry. These programs are often conducted by carriers and vendors to ensure their product is correctly installed, or by supply companies training technicians who sub-contract to them. Where national qualifications have been involved, the training has been delivered by Registered Training Organisations.

The key benefit of ADTIA is it is established by industry for industry, providing a consistent benchmark across the industry. Training and Performance of the industry. Organisations will benefit from the support of ADTIA and the national endorsement and quality programs it will eliminate duplication and provide savings across the industry. More ...






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